Most people have become confused about which voice is their intuition and which is the voice of fear and conditioning. Are you one of them?

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What is Intuition?

Your intuition (also called your inner voice) is part of your soul guidance system. It is used by your higher self (or soul) to send you messages about where to go next and how to lead a fulfilling life. 

Most people have become confused about which of the voices in their heads is their intuition and which is the voice of fear and conditioning. 

The intuition quiz helps you rebuild your connection to your intuition. It tells you which Pillar of Intuition it is time for you to focus on building.

The four pillars of intuition are:

Vision, Connection, Receptivity, and Creativity.

Use the Intuition quiz developed by Aaran Solh to help you remember your soul guidance system - your intuition


Aaran and his daughter in the Redwoods

Aaran Solh is the creator of The Intuition Quiz and author of Empath to Mystic: The Art of Mastering Your Intuition and Fearlessly Being Yourself. He's also a gifted intuitive reader, spiritual healer, and counselor.

Aaran discovered his empathic and intuitive abilities as a teenager. Since then, he has been following the guidance of his inner voice and helping people transform their natural empathic abilities into genuine mystical and spiritual awakenings.

After years of working with people, Aaran crystallized the 4 Pillars of Intuition. The results of your quiz will tell you which pillar you need to build to re-establish your intuition and your soul as the navigator of your life.


Empath to Mystic: the Art of Mastering Your Intuition and Fearlessly Being Yourself

EMPATH TO MYSTIC will take you on a journey that awakens your ability to be guided by your soul (your intuition) rather than fear. It will tell you how to build your 4 Pillars of Intuition to help you better navigate the world

Available as e-book, paperback & audio

Soul Alignment

Alignment with your soul's guidance (your intuition), is literally the most important thing you can do in order to restructure the foundation on which you build your life. Building it from a place of authenticity and truth rather than fear.  Aaran's 1-1 sessions and classes provide you with the support you need to do that. 

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