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Aaran Solh

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The following is an excerpt from the book Empath to Mystic about building your Pillar of Receptivity

Spaciousness & Mystical Genius

A life lacking in receptivity is a life where you think you have to do everything on your own. Where you are not able to receive the support you need, or you do not believe such support exists. A life where you lack the time and energy for the things you love and the people you love the most. Before building your pillar of receptivity, you might find yourself drowning in your own life and gasping for air. Your inner voice shut away, deep in the far recesses of your mind, begging for attention. If you are still building your pillar of receptivity, you may be constantly trying to prove your worth by saying ‘yes’ to too many things.

In contrast, if you have already built your pillar of receptivity, you will find you are able to live in-between the moments, completely in sync with the universal clock and connected to the deep spaciousness and timelessness of the universe. In-between the moments, there is no concern for how long something will take; you always know that the timing is perfect, and you trust that everything arrives when you are ready for it.

You know this because you are receptive to the non-verbal, mystical essence that permeates the universe. What in Sanskrit is called Sat-Chit-Ananda – The Blissful Intelligence of the Universe or in China, The Eternal Tao. In Western New-Age terms, you would talk about trusting Life, or The Universe. When you receive support from The Blissful Intelligence of the Universe, you are able to use your intuition as a guidance system to navigate your life and achieve your goals.

The ancient Chinese master Lao Tzu, author of the Tao De Jing is somebody who exemplified receptivity. So is Saint Hildegard of Bingen, a twelfth century nun who accomplished an incredible amount in her life, all while maintaining her mystical connection and ability to enter into visionary, mystical states. And in your own life? Think about that friend who always seems to be taking risks and trusting that everything will work out? And it does… Think about the successful entrepreneur who takes regular breaks for meditation, or simply takes catnaps throughout the day to restore their vigor? They too are successfully living in receptivity.

And you yourself? You probably have at least one story to tell about how you followed your inner voice on a crazy adventure that ended up changing your life. A time when you listened deeply to the intelligence of life and when you had the clarity of mind to know when to say yes, and when to say no, when to turn left, and when to turn right, no matter what the logical mind said and no matter what fears came up around having that journey.

When you build the pillar of receptivity and your ability to listen deeply to the spaciousness within you, you will always find balance. Balance of time for yourself, and time for others. Time for chores, and time for indulgence. Time for practical work, and time for meditation. And when your boundaries get pushed, and the chores seem to pile up, you always rise to the challenge and stretch yourself yet again so that the spaciousness in-between the moments lasts even longer, and everything gets done in perfect timing and in balance with your need to rest and receive.


Based on the book Empath to Mystic, this radical online course is an in-depth program designed to connect you to the source of your intuition & spiritual guidance.

It guarantees two things:

  1. That you will always have a clear connection to your intuition

  2. That you can always find the courage to follow it

The course contains:

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148 Lessons

strategically designed to transform the unconscious mind and build your intuitive connection to your inner voice

90+ videos

that give you the intellectual  knowledge you need passed down from from ancient mystery traditions

Advanced practices

for Mastering your Intuition and embodying your intuitive connection to The Source within you

Over 40 guided meditation

practices to shift your negative unconscious habits

The entire book

Empath to Mystic is contained within the course alongside supplementary videos

Peer Community

from all over the world interacting in the comments section and Facebook group

What Practitioners Have To Say:


"Aaran’s simple authenticity, gentle guidance, and acceptance have been incredibly inspiring and helpful to me. Aaran empowers you from within. His enthusiasm and encouragement are contagious! In working with him, I have moved from a feeling of being stuck to being free – and even more than that, to feeling joyful in just being alive!"

- Laura Redfern, Certified Financial Planner

Four Main Sections of Empath to Mystic Online

1. Building Foundations

Dedicated to overcoming doubt, understanding how you got here, anchoring your intentions, understanding the fundamentals of intuition & bringing your value to life.

Medicine Buddha Mandala Foundatoins Badge.jpg

The symbol for Building Foundations is the Medicine Buddha mandala. It is symbolic of the healing journey and growing into the fullness of yourself.

3. Empath to Mystic

Devoted to intellectual study and planting seeds of transforming in the unconscious mind. Here you set yourself up for long term clarity of mind, purposeful living & the ability to make brave choices.


The symbol for this section is the owl which represents wisdom, persistence and intellectual learning.

2. Emotional Mastery

Dedicated to developing emotional intelligence and a sturdy constitution. Through practice, you learn to create distance between your actions and your negative emotions (grief, anger, depression, helplessness & feeling stuck).


The symbol for this section is The Buddhist Wheel of Life Mandala with the 3 Poisons at it's center (desire, hatred, jealously).

4. Mastering Intuition

Devoted one hundred percent to deepening your spiritual experience and living interconnected with The Mystic - the interconnected web of life that is your Inner Source.

Chalice Well.jpeg

The symbol for this section is the one that is depicted on the cover of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England. Symbolic of uniting opposites.

A Quick Overview of All the
Empath to Mystic Online Content
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I created Empath to Mystic Online in response to a growing need for empaths and spiritual seekers to have an in-depth program to follow in their own home, where it matters most.


Going to workshop after workshop is disjointed. Traveling long distances for retreats is unsustainable financially and for anyone with a family. Even purchasing online courses has become expensive. So my inner guidence told me I should offer this for free and allow people to contribute if they find it valuable.


I spent decades traveling the world and learning from masters and I consolidated what I have learned into this simple yet profound system of growth so that you too can find your clarity of mind, peaceful heart, master your intuition and be a luminary for the world, even when it's challenging.


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