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FRIDAY EVENINGS in the USA (scroll for timezones)

Are you committed to following your inner voice?

Follow its calling, follow its rhythm, follow its teaching, follow its knowing!

Aaran Solh is the author of Empath to Mystic: The Art of Mastering Your Intuition and Fearlessly Being Yourself

In this gathering, we unite as a tribe dedicated to following our inner voice - our deepest intuitions and higher selves.

We will ask difficult questions:

~ How do I love myself without feeling selfish and guilty?

~ How do I love others without trying to please them?

~ How do I balance the life I have with the life I know I'm meant to live?

~ How do I make the courageous decision to be a modern mystic?

The core of the answer is in your ability to stay balanced and in alignment with your inner voice. This is why we practice the 5 Elements Energy Attunement.

In the practice, we balance the 5 elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Spirit in your body to bring clarity of mind, focus, and a sense of purpose and connection.

The practice brings you back into a feeling state where your intuition and inner voice can speak clearly and guide and empower you.

It also gives you a source from which to draw courage to follow the path of your inner voice when you hear it.

The practice is guided live by  Aaran Solh - offering a guided visualization and channeling the energy of each element to all participants.

To close the practice you will be guided into a direct connection with your inner voice (higher self) for clarity and guidance.

After the practice and elemental attunement, you will have the opportunity to step into the 'hot seat' and ask Aaran any questions you have about your journey as an intuitive, empath, or being a modern mystic on a path of spiritual growth. Or heck - ask him anything you want!

Exchange is sliding scale $10 - $75

Spaces are limited




Vietnam: Saturday @8am
USA EDT: Friday @ 9pm
USA CDT: Friday @ 8pm
USA MDT: Friday @ 7pm
USA PDT: Friday @ 6pm

Utilizing the Highs and Lows of Emotion




Aaran began awakening as an empath and intuitive at age 15. His spontaneous awakening started him on a journey of spiritual exploration that has spanned 26 years and 5 continents. Along the way, Aaran apprenticed with healers, spiritual teachers, and shamans from a variety of traditions.

His apprenticeship studies and training include: Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Journeying, Conscious Dreaming, Rebirthing Breathwork, Rei-Ki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Thai Massage, Psychic Development, Vortex Healing, Deeksha, Guided Meditation Facilitation, Bach Flower Remedies, and a variety of meditation techniques.

Aaran has also attended innumerable workshops, conferences, and retreats with modern spiritual teachers such as Adyashanti, John Perkins, Sandra Ingerman, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Gangaji, Brian Weiss, Deepak Chopra, and Pema Chodron. Aaran has also been a student of The Western Mystery Traditions (Kabbalah, Gnosticism and The Egyptian Mysteries) through the initiatory system of The Sodalitas Rosae Crucis & Sodalities Solis Alati since 2002.

In addition to his spiritual studies, Aaran graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in Multicultural Counseling. He also studied Chemical Dependency Counseling and received training in Suicide Prevention and Teen Mentoring.

Aaran is also the author of Empath to Mystic: The Art of Mastering Your Intuition and Fearlessly Being Yourself, the creator of the Intuition Quiz, and the creator of Mastering Intuition, a system of spiritual and intuitive development based on universal principles. He currently lives in Vietnam with his family where he enjoys teaching, coaching, eating lots of fresh fruit, visiting ancient temples, walking through the rice fields, and splashing around in the ocean.