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Jessica, RN & Yoga Teacher

Thanks to Aaran and his program, I'm more comfortable using my voice and I have newfound ease of creative expression with food, space, and art. 

Helen, Meditation Teacher

Mastering Intuition has brought greater wisdom into my life and also some good, like-minded friends. I feel empowered to move forward again with a sense of hope.
The 40 Transformational Meditations for Mastering Intuition
  • Vision
  • ​Connection
  • ​Receptivity
  • ​Creativity
  • ​Grief and Loss
  • ​Emotional Freedom
  • ​Embody Freedom
  • ​Finding Your Inner Voice
  • ​Anger and Frustration
  • ​Sadness and Depression
  • Feeling Helpless
  • ​Feeling Numb and Stuck
  • ​Will and Motivation
  • ​Innocence
  • ​Duality and Non-Duality
  • ​Forgiveness & Gratitude
  • ​Your Genius & Your Light
  • ​Balance and Equilibrium
  • ​Possibility and Potential
  • ​Structure and Focus
  •  Rising High
  • ​Inspirations
  • ​Brick by Brick
  • ​Integration
  • ​The Source of Passion
  • ​The Source of Love
  • ​The Source of Intuition
  • ​The Source of Identity
  • ​The Source of Power
  • ​The Source of Expression
  •  The Source of Will
  • ​The Source of Being
  • ​Into the Sun
  • ​Healing With the Sun
  • ​Into the Creator
  • ​The Seed in the Sun
  • ​Infinite Possibilities
  • ​Relationship Choices
  • ​The Choice of Right Now
  • ​The Ultimate Choice
You Also Get:
72 videos explaining the concepts so that your mind has an anchor while practicing
41 self-inquiry worksheets to help you transcend the tricky nature of your mind 
A set flow so that you don't have to try and piece it all together by watching random Youtube videos

Aaran Solh, Intuition Coach 

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