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Connect to your Inner Guidance - Building the Four Pillars of Intuition
 Some people think there’s a magical secret to creating the life you want. But creating the life you want is not magic. It’s a process of regularly making the right decisions to get yourself there. And it’s the process of bringing your inner guidance into your body.

There are four pillars or qualities you need to develop in your psyche before you can hear and follow your inner guidance - the inner voice that we call intuition. The four pillars are Vision, Connection, Receptivity and Creativity
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Vision, Connection, Receptivity and Creativity
The Pillar of Vision
Building the pillar of vision will uncover your core motivations. You will create a vision that serves as a beacon as you sail the dark seas of this world. You will discover your own highest potential and path of service in the world. Gaining a sense of purpose from your vision will give you the strength to face the challenges on your path. The main challenge to building a vision is to overcome a lack of motivation and a fear of failure.

The Pillar of Connection...
Building the pillar of connection will connect you to a source of spiritual nourishment and love. The source will amplify your own voice and separate it from the many voices in your head. The pillar of connection will be a lifeline when you are drowning in other people’s voices. The main challenge is not to get lost in the world.

The Pillar of Receptivity...
Building the pillar of receptivity will provide you with a consistent ability to trust. Trust in both a spiritual source within and in the people who walk the path with you. This pillar helps heal your lack of self-worth and feelings of abandonment. The main challenge to receptivity is to trust yourself and overcome the fear of being out of control.

The Pillar of Creativity...
Building the pillar of creativity will weave your vision into reality. It will connect you to a deep place of silence in your heart. This silence is born when you can fully experience life with all its joys and pains. The main challenge of creativity is in facing the pain in your heart and in the world. It is also in overcoming the fear of being exposed.

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