Reading Igniting the Luminary Spark, you will discover how the path to empowerment and spiritual awakening is in the union of your ego identity and your higher self. That it is found in the spark ignited by the sacred marriage between them, not in ‘killing the ego.’ 
  • How do I have healthy boundaries while also seeing from a place of oneness? 
  • ​How do I tell the difference between a thought, a feeling and an intuition? 
  • ​How can I be as still as the ‘eye of the storm’ even when there is so much chaos around me? 
  • ​How do I live in both the spiritual AND material worlds without having to compromise my creativity and my relationships?
When these questions are answered, you will finally find your bold and spiritually empowered sense of self. You will be able to make a powerful impact on the world. You will act as a true luminary, carrying the torch of happiness, calm, and compassionate joy. 

Igniting Your Luminary Spark challenges you to embrace your personal power with compassion. To help create a new age of spirituality, happiness and mindfulness. Even as we watch the old ways of conflict, anxiety, and struggle come tumbling down.

Igniting the luminary spark is NOT found in ‘killing the ego.’ It is found in the union of your ego identity and your higher, Divine, self. It is found when you finally surrender to the sacred marriage of lunar and solar consciousness within you. When you understand why trying to create ‘healthy boundaries’ feels like a never ending struggle that contradicts a deeper part of your soul’s nature.

If you choose the path of being a luminary in the world, this book will empower you and give you insights that actually contradict much of the populist mind-only information available today. You will understand how thought, emotion, feeling, and intuition are very different from each other. You will learn how to be the ‘eye of the storm’—the calm, bold, and truth-devoted soul you know yourself to be.

Take up the challenge! Acknowledge the power and courage that can be found in your connection to all the light-bearers of the past, present, and future. Take your rightful place as an empowered, compassionate leader in the world. Even if the places where you lead are close to home. Even if they ‘only’ involve making yourself and the few people around you happier. ‘Happy people don’t pick up guns and kill each other.’ Making even a few people happy (yourself included) impacts the world in far greater ways than you can imagine.

Be an outspoken beacon for the truth you hold inside. Be a luminary. Live a luminary life!
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