A Free 42 Day Self-Inquiry and Meditation Challenge to Raise Your vibration and Help Create a New Age of Harmony in the World
What will I be giving myself?
  • A commitment to your self-inquiry and meditation practice
  • Fun, laughter, insight, and light heartedness
  • A spectrum of practices to balance the body, mind, spirit and your actions in the world
  • ​A path to balancing your lunar and solar natures - your ego and higher self
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Aaran Solh began awakening as an empath and intuitive at age 15. His spontaneous awakening started him on a journey of spiritual exploration that has spanned 26 years and 5 continents. Along the way, Aaran apprenticed with healers, spiritual teachers and shamans from a variety of traditions. His apprenticeship studies and trainings include: Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Journeying, Conscious Dreaming, Rebirthing Breathwork, Rei-Ki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Thai Massage, Psychic Development, Vortex Healing, Deeksha, Guided Meditation Facilitation, Bach Flower Remedies, and a variety of meditation techniques.
Lily Ralfs, Songwriter
Through practicing Aaran’s guided meditation I was able to find the inspiration to complete a song I had been attempting to write. I was able to get in touch with a Universal Truth and create a song that has moved others. There was no labor involved. The song was simply delivered. Thank you Aaran.
Laura Redfern, Certified Financial Planner
Aaran’s simple authenticity, gentle guidance, and acceptance have been incredibly inspiring and helpful to me. Aaran empowers you from within. His enthusiasm and encouragement are contagious! In working with him, I have moved from a feeling of being stuck to being free – and even more than that, to feeling joyful in just being alive!
Jean-Pierre Verdijo, visual Artist
Aaran has dedicated his life to uplift humanity through the remembrance of returning one’s attention to the root of their being. His work addresses liberation from suffering, intentional living, and purification of body, mind, and spirit.
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