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Aaran began awakening as an intuitive at age 15. His spontaneous awakening started him on a journey of spiritual exploration that has spanned 26 years and 5 continents. Along the way, Aaran apprenticed with healers, spiritual teachers and shamans from a variety of traditions.
He is passionate about helping people connect to their own intuitive knowledge and self-healing abilities. 
Books by Aaran Solh
Empath to Mystic: The Art of Mastering You rIntuition and Fearlessly Being Yourself
EMPATH TO MYSTIC will take you on a journey of emotional healing. It will take you to a deeper understanding of why your unique empathic ability has awakened. It will tell you how to embrace the messages you receive from your intuition and how to build the confidence to share those messages with the world.

FREE BOOK: Igniting the Luminary Spark: Help Create A New Age of Personal Power, Happiness, and Compassion
Igniting the Luminary Spark will help you discover how the path to empowerment and spiritual awakening is in the union of your ego identity and your higher self. That it is found in the spark ignited by the sacred marriage between them, not in ‘killing the ego.’ 
Training from Aaran Solh
Do you have a strong commitment to show up and serve regardless of the challenges? Learn more about my TWO seperate trainings: Dragon Rising AND Phoenix Rising. These are LIVE, in person, small group trainings.
A 42 Day Self-Inquiry and Meditation Challenge to Raise Your vibration and Help Create a New Age of Harmony in the World
Ignite your practice by committing to 42 days of self-inquiry, meditation, and self-care. A Low time and little energy commitment way to boost your inspiration and commitment to being a luminary in the world!
Mastering Intuition is an In-Depth On-Line Program Designed To Balance And Awaken Your Third-Eye Chakra and Connect You to the Source of your Intuition & Spiritual Guidance
Commit to 40 WEEKS of practice. Every week you devote up to an hour a day building your intuition and connection to spiritual guidance. This is a complete and life transforming system of spiritual growth!
Join the Inner Circle
Download free supplemental material for my books Empath to Mystic and Igniting the Luminary Spark. Including posters, journaling prompts, templates, and guided meditations to help you on your empowerment journey.
The Intuition Quiz
There are four pillars of intuition: Vision, Connection, Receptivity, and Creativity. All four are needed to establish and maintain your connection to your inner voice. But which one should you focus on building right now, and how? The quiz will let you know. 
To contact, email: Aaran@AaranSolh.com
Email: Aaran@AaranSolh.com
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