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Alchemize THIS!

Aaran has created a beautiful collection of astrology and tarot based meditation and contemplation posters to support your alchemical awakneing process. They are available in his store, Alchemical Imprints. You can download them for free for a limited time!

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Empath to Mystic
Book Sample
Igniting the Luminary Spark Free E-Book
Journal prompts from the book Empath to Mystic
All Journaling Prompts Word Format
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Guided Meditation Practices

Meditation practices are the most important part of this content. Through these guided Journeys, you transform your unconscious mind. This is where the greatest power is. Use the journaling tools to gain intellectual insight into yourself and then use these guided meditation tools to do the inner work of transforming your conditioned instincts to be aligned with your inner voice.

Watch this video before practicing these special guided meditations

Build Your Pillar of
Build Your Pillar of
Build Your Pillar of
Build Your Pillar of
Build Your Pillar of
Build Your Pillar of
Sleeping with the Angels
Bedtime Practice
Conscious Relationship

Empath to Mystic contains 22 abbreviated meditation practices. I’ve recorded more elaborate, deeper versions of these and they are available to you for free.

These practices are meant to be paired with the various sections of the book  Empath to Mystic: The Art of Mastering Your Intuition and Fearlessly Being Yourself. Get it here.

Download all 22 guided practices as a .zip file. Then play them back on your favorite player.

Access all 22 guided practices (and more) using the Insight Timer App. Then play them back anytime using your phone.

Private Sessions

Alignment with your soul's guidance is literally the most important thing you can do in order to restructure the foundation on which you build your life. Building it from a place of authenticity and truth rather than fear.  Aaran's 1-1 sessions provide you with the support you need to do that.